Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EOTD + some lemmings

Question from Anonymous:

can u tell me the address for the whole food store in toronto???


The Whole Foods store I go to is at Hazelton Lanes in the Bloor-Yorkville area downtown, 87 Avenue Rd.

They have pretty nice long opening hours and free customer parking if you spend over $25, check out the details here :)


I'm pretty happy that the upcoming collections for MAC aren't that exciting. I was a little excited for Naughty Nauticals after seeing the promo pics, but then Specktra just posted some swatches of the products and they don't look so good anymore. Only the sea green Mutiny pigment and blue eyeshadow is calling out to me. But I'm gonna try waiting until end of May to get them when my makeup ban ends.

Neo Sci-Fi
on the other hand made me laugh. Orange packaging?? What is MAC thinking? LOL I'm pretty happy about that because I know it won't tempt me at all. Its like a failed follow up to last year's Moonbathe.

Cool Heat is probably the only upcoming collection that I'm excited about so far. In fact its the first MAC collection which I want almost everything, though that'll probably change because the products never look as good as the promo pictures. Right now I really want all the blue, violet, and green eyeshadows, plus 2 of the slimshines. Anyway if you haven't already, check out the pictures and details from Temptalia.

Did you hear about that Dress Camp collection being sold out on MAC Online within a matter of hours? I wasn't excited about it from the preview pictures, until I saw the lipglasses on Specktra Beauty Blog last night, but by then it was too late. Oh well, more money for other things :)

Moving on...

Here's a EOTD I did for fun. I was trying to go for a look similar to this one, but failed. But its still a more colourful look than my usual. Constructive feedback welcome :)





What I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Aquamarine trio - lightest blue shade all over mobile lid up to crease
NYX Spring Leaf on middle of lid
MAC New Vegas MSF on inner corner
NYX Aquamarine trio - darkest blue shade - very lightly blended on outer V
Lorac Greatest Hits CD2 white shade on browbone
Blinc Kiss Me Mascara


I'm getting tired of my Freshlook amethyst contacts. I still like how they look, but they can get uncomfortable after wearing them a few hours. And even though I bought them soon after my eye exam a year ago, I got my eyes tested again at the end of that same year and my prescription had changed for the better... Meaning these are too strong for my eyes now, wth :( And I still have 4 more monthly pairs to get through.

I'm thinking of getting some circle lenses now since they seem to be more comfortable than Freshlooks. I already have circle lenses, kind of - the Acuvue Define ones, which I like but I only have a 30 day supply of them as they are the daily disposables.

Anyway, I want to get 2 colours, brown and black so they're not too obvious. I was considering these ones:

BT02 Brown
Dali Brown
DM23 Brown

BT01 Black
Magic Black

What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? I'm looking for natural looking ones that won't make me look too spaced out. And for the browns, I don't want something thats too light brown because my eyes are more on the dark brown side. Although the BT02s do look kinda light....Its sorta hard to tell from those website pictures though, which is why a lot of my choices are the ones I've seen on fellow bloggers :)


jewels said...

i been to Whole Foods a couple times and love that place. lol i like to see a tidy supermarket for once, just makes food look more yummi.

watercoloursky said...

jewels: yep, I gotta say I love the look of the place. I wish they weren't so expensive though.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i love the look! it is bolder than what you usually do but it looks gorgeous on you. honestly. :) you did a good job with this. one of my faves from you. :)

for browns, i think elizabeth's newest pair of circle lenses look the most natural, yet very pretty. :) you should get those. i forget what they were called though. :P

na said...

This is more colorful than you usually wear, but I like it on you. :) No constructive criticism from me!

I'm...semi-excited for the upcoming collections. It all really boils down to if I get a chance to see it in stores. I really have to get the swatches myself otherwise I'm never tempted, haha.

Bliss said...

I wish i bought the Aquamarine trio, the colours are so nice, pretty EOTD,

Brown circle lenses i recommend BT02 Brown off course hehe

and maybe for Black the BT01 Black, because my sis used the Magic Black i think and made her look like an alien hehe

ilurvemakeup said...

Try to use a secondary base to make the colors pop like paint pots as secondary base besides udpp and pack on the colors slowly.

Grayburn said...

I like the flash of color alot! As for the lenses, I like the look of dali brown and magic black. But I guess you don't really know how it looks until you try them on. Do they let you try them on first?


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the blue and green is hot on you! i love the blending here!! ahh i wished i got my spring leaf back.. i binned it last time lol. nvmd.

I really suggest Dali Browns cos they are comfortable and they gave me pretty big eyes even not wearing mascara! And seeing that Fei looks hot in BT02 brown, probably those too. However, I find Magic quite uncomfortable so I really suggest no getting those at all. I saw Elizabeth wearing the Leah Dizon Eclipse Hazel, they look hot on her, again... I thought they reminded me of the Dali Browns only you get a obvious darker black ring around the lense and the lense itself looks lighter. hope that helps you to decide. :)

theChas said...

ARRGGH, why didn't you do this look earlier? I could've totally copied this for a performance. *shakes fist*

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