Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Tagged by Mayaari :)

1. Things I'm passionate about:
  • cosmetics :P
  • food
  • fantasy novels
  • psychology

2. Books I've recently read:
  • Freakonomics, Steven Levitt
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
Thats about it...although I am planning to read Charlotte's Web and possibly catch up on the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia. Don't know when I'll have the time though.

3. Songs I could listen over and over again:
  • Coldplay - all 3 albums
  • Norah Jones - first two albums
  • John Mayer - first album
  • Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape, 4 in the Morning, Early Winter
  • Soundtrack from Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
  • Theme from Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke

4. Traits I'm attracted to in my best friends:
  • Reliable
  • Considerate
  • Fun to shop with ;)
  • Comfortable to be around
  • Non-judgemental, open to different points of view
  • Respectful of others

5. Things I say often:
  • what the f....
  • what the h.... (you get the idea :P)
  • stupidity.
  • ____ of crap (lol I'm starting to sound so negative, aren't I?)
  • umm...
  • really?
  • _____, I think. (even when I'm sure :S )

6. Things I'd like to do before I die: (ok, why does this have to sound so morbid?...)
  • Own my own place, be it an apartment or house
  • Live in France, and Japan again, for a few years
  • Own my own business / or co-own with a partner
  • Visit Korea, Hong Kong, and Western Europe
  • Visit New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore again
Back in high school, I used to have a super long list of stuff I wanted to do, but I guess over the years my priorities have changed. Now I can barely think of what I want to do now. I'm just so unsure what to do with my life.


Anonymous said...

LOL I love your Things I say often category. I say those all the time as well! You sound like you are in a constant state of mis-belief. haha

Bliss said...

ooo I love charlotte's web, highly recommended :D.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

I say what you say frequently haha!

oh i only ever read the first chronicle of narnia book for a children literature module during university i really liked it! some ppl find the film cheesy but i like it alot too LOL.

cheryl said...

shopping buddies are a must for a girl! :-)

Violet Honeybee said...

I love 4 in the Morning! Not to mention Gwen's killer makeup in her music video! *drools

Anonymous said...

We have similar tastes in almost everything!! :D My bf just started playing crisis core and i'm waiting for my turn [pouts]

theChas said...

OMG I LOVE the theme from Mononoke Hime! XD I hope to play it on the koto one day.

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