Thursday, April 17, 2008

my camera

Tagged by Christiana to share what type of camera I use to take my blog pictures!

I use the Canon Digital Ixus 860 IS, otherwise known as the Canon Powershot SD870 IS in North America. The card slot of my old Canon got screwed up, so I picked this up last year when I was in Asia. It was a good deal because I didn't have to pay tax there, and the store threw in a the leather case, a mini tripod, and 1G memory card for free :)



And..... I'm tagging the following bloggers to share theirs :)

Nic Nic
Her Peachieness


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

very nice cam!! man, mines only 7.1 px! LOL crap compare to yours haha..the only good things about my cam is that it get good landscapes shots :) will do mine very shortly lol. thanks for tagging me!

Bliss said...

Ooo you so lucky, thats such a great deal, i wish i had a tripod heheh.

priincesspeach said...

WOW! So nice! I think mine is 6.3px? It looks almost like yours so yours might be the near version of mine. Don't you just LOVE the big screen? Anyway, thanks for the tag! I'll be sure to post it up soon! ^_^

Chiara said...

LOl, canon FTW. I sport the SD750. I REALLY want to save up for a DSLR, omg. I've been so terrible with buying gadgets and circle lens though, I'll never save enough to get it at this rate :/

IchigoBunnie said...

nice camera! makes me really wanna get a new camera cuz mine is screwing up ;.; ...the only problem is that I can't find many cameras that has as much "functions" as my canon powershot A520. They have the "circle toggle" that you spin to the feature you want. If you are dealing with a pic that is only your face, you toggle it to the icon that has a "face" on it. Then there's a function where if you are trying to capture something "moving", you toggle to the "runner-icon"...iono if your camera has that....? If so, I'll definitely look into those SD series--they look slim and sleek!

watercoloursky said...

ichigobunnie: i think several of the new canons have it now. With my camera, if you go to SCN mode instead of automatic or video mode, its under the "func" button.

it has the face mode (portrait mode), foliage mode, snow mode, indoor mode etc.

chiara: DSLR would be awesome! think of all the nice pics you could take :) but i'm in the same boat, even though i've been on a makeup ban i'm still spending money on other things...

bliss, her.peachiness, nicnic: thanks :) actually for me i hardly looked at the mP when I was looking for a cam. I decided on this because of its other features and the wide angle lens :)

na said...

My camera is old school compared to everybody else's, lol. Coincidentally, that's the same camera that I want to get!

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