Wednesday, April 9, 2008

quick review of Kate gel liners

For Grayburn and others who were interested in the Burt's Bees shampoo I got, the review is coming soon, I promise :) I'm not sure what to write about it though ...I don't know what other people want to know about shampoos? Maybe I need to use it more first too. Also, I want to try the matching conditioner but all the stores that I've been to that carry BB, are out of stock on it :(

Like (g)ezebel, I've been trying to catch up on other blogs too but its tricky. See, I read ALL of work, usually through my google feed reader, shhhh! But I can't comment on them there because I'd have to visit the actual site and that would show up in my history log....Not something I'd want upper management to see if they check it. Sigh. I usually "star" them for later so I can go back to it but right now I have like 300 posts starred lol. Sorry guys :(
So I've been wondering, is there a way to comment on a post through a feed reader??


Emilee @ asked me to review the Kate gel liners I got recently.

I got the purple, gold colours from Japan and then ordered the silver colour online.


So, first thing I noticed about them is they are smaller than MAC Fluidlines. They are a bit cheaper though so I think it evens out. Am a bit too lazy to do the math right now :P

Size omparison with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline:


Swatches and descriptions:

Note that I had to swipe the colour on more than once (about 2-3) times to get a nice unbroken line for the metallic liners. The metallic ones are more similar to glitter liners than gel liners. The purple one is smoother and the colour goes on with 1 stroke but you can build intensity with more swipes.

Silver - like a platinum silver colour.
Gold - is more of a faded/pale-gold colour , not a yellow gold at all.
Purple - reddish purple (i.e. dark purple with reddish shimmer)


Purple liner on top, paired with gold liner on the bottom:



Silver liner on bottom only:


Note that one thing I can't cover yet in this review is the staying power....because I haven't had the chance to wear the liner out on a hot day and see if it lasts (being still cold in Canada and all).

But anyway, I like the colours, which are quite different from the existing MAC Fluidline range. The purple liner goes on quite smoothly like Fluidlines do, so that I would definitely repurchase if they came out with more colours.

The silver and gold liners are more like glitter liners, while the ones from MAC are more gel-like. So these Kate ones are quite unique BUT can be annoying if you don't like the glitter consistency. I personally find it a bit annoying that the product doesn't go on smoothly, but I find liquid glitter liners have the same problem also.

One thing to note is that unlike Fluidlines, the texture of the Kate gel liners seem more suited for being liners only and not bases. The metallic ones would definitely not work as bases since they don't go on very smoothly. The purple is a bit more creamy but still...not quite the same as MAC.

So if you want your products to multitask as bases, stick to Fluidlines.

In summary -

I like the purple one because I know i'm going to use it as a liner only and it works well for that. The metallic ones are super pretty but I'm not a fan of the texture :( They're something to try, but I wouldn't repurchase the metallic ones.


mayaari said...

the purple liner looks gorgeous :)

I use my google reader to read posts at work, but have yet to find a way to comment via the reader...not sure if it's possible since the link is on the actual blogger page, and (for me) direct blogger pages are blocked.

Melissa Joy said...

wow! the purple liner is really pretty! I should really try other colors than black!

Bliss said...

OOoo ive never tried this before, the gold eyeliner is gorgeous, gotta have a ooksee if this is sold here :)

Violet Honeybee said...

I love the silver one!! But that might just be because I love silver in general lol. I'm really liking that purple color. ^-^

priincesspeach said...

I love how the metallic ones look though... too bad for the texture. I have MAC fl in Upidy(sp?) from last year's holiday collection but I've yet to use it. =/ But I like how you used the metallic ones here so I might just have to try that w/ Upidy. ^_^

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww the kate liners look pretty cool! i really like the purple on you too!! the platinum and gold liners looks fun to use with! thanks for the review :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Arashi! I love the look, those liners look awesome!

As per you question, I really do think that the pink color in the UD Palette "Fishnet" is a pretty good dupe of the Pink Pearl, I thought of that too when I first saw it, because pink pearl is like a pearlescent purplish pink and it looks very similar when swatched. I don't have the pink pearl pigment but I did swatch it when I was at the pro store awhile back.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo! i love how the glitter liner on your bottom lash line makes it pop! very pretty! and that's weird cause i usually hate glittery stuff. :P heh.

Grayburn said...

Hi blu3! It sounds like I'm going have a lot to cover in a short period of time. Thanks for all these great recommendations and advice. I really cannot wait!

I would love to meet you and obsess over beauty-ful things together! I'm there for a little over a week to attend to a few things. If time permits, we should definitely see if we can arrange that :)

p.s., I'm still waiting for your review on the shampoo from Burt's Bees!

take care & bye for now,

the Muse said...

great review :)

Agreed about them being bases. The formula isn't as thick as FL and it would make a terrible base for shadows. I find the staying power is not too bad. I like them because they blend well and I get a nice even line from them. I'm not much of an FL fan so these are HG material for me :)

I love the new silver and gold colors!

Also they make a black version with beautiful shimmer sparkle which I believe they d/ced! It was my fav!


Happy Weekend beautiful!

na said...

Thanks for the review! :)

The purple one looks gorgeous, although I have the admit the glittery/metallic ones are calling my name, haha. I've been trying to put off doing an AdamBeauty order, but I was browsing the other day and had a few hundred dollars worth of stuff in my cart, lol.

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