Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the first of many

I went on a major spree this weekend :D but now i have buyers remorse lol...thank goodness for the return policies here in North America...

I also got my samples from Buff'd Cosmetics and Facial Shop, which I will be posting later.

For now here's the stuff I hauled Friday after work: (Note to self: it is a BAD idea to go shopping after work btw...)

1. From Shoppers Drug Mart:

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Toilette 40 mL
Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum 40 mL
Maybelline Superstay lipcolour in Peach
Samples of L'oreal Skingenesis lotion, Elizabeth Arden perfume


I got the perfumes because they were over 50% off :) The original prices were close to $50 CDN, and they were discounted to $20 each last week!

But I have a feeling I'll be returning the Burberry Brit and Maybelline...because I spent way too much money on Sat, and these are the two I can give up.

2. From MAC

I headed to the MAC counter after that to check out Naughty Nauticals. Before, I kept on thinking that I was going to only get Bell Bottom Blue pigment, and perhaps Submarine. But this was my purchase in the end...

Bell Bottom Blue pigment
Lovely Lily pigment
Illegal Cargo eyeshadow
Submarine eyeshadow
sample of Mutiny pigment
and Melrose Mood from Heatherette


Closer look at the Naughty Nauticals stuff:


About the pigments I got:

Prior to NN's launch, many people were saying Bell Bottom Blue looks similar to Naval Blue (PRO) in the promotional pictures. I don't think so at all. Bell Bottom Blue is a lighter richer blue with silver sparkles in it. Naval Blue is a more blackened dark blue, and is different enough that I still want a full size jar of it :)


I only got a sample of Mutiny even though the colour looked so pretty, because it seems so unpigmented. When I swatch it the colour hardly shows up on me (see picture above). The SA said I could foil it, but knowing me I wouldn't ever do it. I like pigments because they are pigmented even when dry. If I wanted a colour that I had to foil, I would rather save money and buy a mineral eyeshadow instead!

The other pigment I bought, Lovely Lily is really pretty - its like a warm lilac. I forgot to swatch it but can if requested :)

About the eyeshadows I got:

With Illegal Cargo eyeshadow - honestly I was in love at the counter...but I had a nagging feeling the colour was familar. But still I got it anyway because I was feeling impulsive. It only struck me when I got home that one of my LORAC palettes contain a very similar colour.

Comparison of Illegal Cargo with LORAC Dreamy eyeshadow:



As for Submarine, I knew everyone was saying it looks like Freshwater, so I did the comparison at the counter. I found that Submarine was a bluer blue, while Freshwater was lighter and a tad more aqua-ish. (Check out this comparison of the two done by the Muse!). To me they shared some similarities, but I preferred the colour of Submarine so I decided to get it.

However when I got home I also realised that the NYX Aquamarine trio has a dark blue shade very similar to Submarine. In fact the NYX colour is more similar to it than Freshwater ever was.



The NYX colour is a tad less blue than Submarine, but is closer to it than Freshwater was. The colours are too similar for me to justify keeping Submarine, so back to the store it goes.

So, in the end I'll be returning Illegal Cargo, Submarine, and Melrose Mood (I tried it on and the result was horrible!). At least I still stuck to my original plan of getting only two items from the NN collection after all, haha.


theChas said...


I haven't been hauling in quite some time. XD I'm reisisting, yo! But yea, too bad the two MAC shadows didn't work out for you, that Illegal Cargo looks beautiful and it's calling out to me...

watercoloursky said...

thats pretty good of you! me, i went on a spree after going off the ban lol ...

Illegal Cargo IS nice. I would've definitely got it if I didn't already have the other.

na said...

Melrose Mood is a ghastly lipstick! MAC generally has pretty decent colors for their collections, but Melrose Mood was ridiculously disgusting. I hate it, lol.

Romance is probably one of my favorite perfumes! :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

well, it always feels better when you find dupes and save a little money here and there! :) hehe. :D

ilurvemakeup said...

Man I wish I hauled instores, I haul too much online and returning is a pain and costy. Nice hauls tho :)

priincesspeach said...

LOLz, I love the way you shop. Thank goodness for return policies huh! ^_- Mmmm, Burberry perfumes are yummy.

cheryl said...

i LOVE blue, but it's not the easiest colours to wear as eyeshadows... i have MAC's electric eel. it has a bit of green in it, but still i gotta match it right, otherwise it just looks ghastly on me...

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Hey Blu3!! Just wanna say thank you for the kind comment you left. I don't know if the footage will help because we can't see their faces, oh well.. having some footage is better than not having any evidence at all i guess.

That such an awesome haul you have there!! How was facial-shop's service? were they fast? I don't know if I'll get any nauticals cos i just spent my money elsewhere lol. Maybe a pigment or eyeshadow.. no hauling tho >_<

jing said...

I know how you feel. When I'm at the counter/store, I lose all my senses and forget the set budget. Thank goodness there's no swatch for lovely lily! Last thing I want right now is to be tempted. Nice haul though, too bad you're returning the perfume. It was such a good deal!

jing said...

I know how you feel. When I'm at the counter/store, I lose all my senses and forget the set budget. Thank goodness there's no swatch for lovely lily! Last thing I want right now is to be tempted. Nice haul though, too bad you're returning the perfume. It was such a good deal!

Katrina said...

Awe, I was going to get Submarine with my macy's gc but eventually I'm going to get the NYX trio too. Oh well, I get to try something else I guess. Thanks for the swatches.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Romance was the first perfume I ever truly fell in love with. It's soooo beautiful. I should pick up another bottle sometime. I wonder if SDM still has that sale...

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