Monday, June 30, 2008

fried rice

Fried rice recipe for Thechas and Yasmine:

1.5 tsp cooking oil
1.5 tsp sesame oil

2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 large onion / 2 small onions, cubed/chopped
2-4 stalks green onions, chopped into fine rings

2 medium finely cubed potatoes
Optional addition/substitute: canned green peas, drained / chopped carrots
Optional addition: chopped white mushrooms

½ lb approx Chinese BBQ pork, cubed same size as potatoes and onions
(or substitute with seasoned, cooked meat of your choice)

4 cups / 3 bowls cooked white rice, must be cooled / from overnight in fridge

2-3 large eggs at room temperature
1.5 tbsp Oyster sauce (or more if you wish)
White pepper to taste


Prepare all materials as described above (lol I'm lazy to write out the chopping steps)

Heat the skillet for about 1 min, and add the cooking oil in. Wait for the oil to heat up - you can tell if its done if it bubbles when you stick the tip of a chopstick in the oil.

Add the garlic in and stir-fry it for a little until it starts becoming fragrant.

Add the chopped onions and stir some more. Add in the finely cubed potatoes. Give the onions and potatoes a stir every now and then until they become a bit translucent / soften up a little.

If you parboil the potatoes beforehand it helps speed up the process. Also I find it helps to NOT cover the pan during this process because then the mix stays drier (don't want soggy fried rice do we?)

Once the potatoes and onions start to look about 90% cooked, add in the BBQ pork and stir everything to ensure it all gets heated through.

Make a small well in the centre and add the sesame oil in the centre. Let it heat up a little and toss the green onions on that. If its hot enough they'll sizzle and release lots of aroma :)

Give them a couple mins before mixing them in. At this point you can add the cooked rice into the pan.

Make sure to distribute the ingredients homogenously. Keep stirring as I find it helps make the rice drier and thus less soggy. Add the seasonings (pepper, oyster sauce) whenever you wish.

Once everything is heated through, and the rice is adequately mixed with the other ingredients, and the mix is dry enough:

Make a well in the centre and pour in the beaten eggs. You can let them sit for a minute if you prefer the egg bits to be larger :) OR just stir everything together if you don't mind.

Once the egg and everything else is cooked enough it is ready to be served :)


Other variations:

You can substitute any filling you want, though the more colourful the filling the better it looks :P


Red bell pepper chopped up, chicken instead of bbq pork. I also didn't add any egg deliberately and made a separate egg crepe to wrap around the fried rice. For some reason I always thought this was Japanese, but in Canada I see it only in Korean restaurants and never in Japanese ones. Adding the ketchup on top can be optional but I do love ketchup with egg anyway :)


I wrote the recipe from memory so if i missed anything let me know! And feel free to add your own filling suggestions :)


psychoexgirlfriend said...

Do you know that I've never learned how to make fried rice? I'm going to try this tomorrow! Oh the fun!

theChas said...

OMG ily...XD <3333333 Japanese omelette! O_O I haven't seen those since...Japan, and totally didn't know Koreans make it too. I don't have access to Chinese bbq pork *sadness* but I'm going to try the variation anyway and post it on my blog to let you know how it turned out. Thank you! *hugs*

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

The omelete is definitely Japanese cos my bf made it for me and he loves loads of ketchup on it LOL! They made in a Japanese okonomiyaki resaurant he used to work for a p/t when he was back in UK :)

umm never seen it in a korean resturant ever over here lol!

Tracy Roa said...

what a great recipe! i can never find the time to cook for myself, but this looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!!! Thanks for sharing! :D

jing said...

I wanna try cooking this especially the omelette! It looks yummy.

na said...

Yummy! I'll definitely have to try this sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

I love egg with ketchup on top of my fried rice. My mom (korean) use to make it for me all the time. :)

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