Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a couple of reviews

Couple of quick reviews:

Veet High Precision Facial Wax:




Comes with 20 reusable strips, a wooden applicator stick, and supposedly enough wax to last 20+ uses.



The tube itself is shaped like those Lancome Juicy Tubes glosses, they have similar slanted applicator tips too. Or you can use the wooden applicator included for more precise application. Btw when I bought this my bf saw it and asked me if I was buying another lipgloss...lol :D

The tube is convenient to heat up - you just need to stick the tube in a glass of hot tap water for a minute. It should reach the right consistency then. Don't let any water get into the cap of the tube though since the wax is rendered useless when in contact with water. But it makes it convenient if you get wax accidentally on your clothing or hands - just wash it off with water.

Now about the effectiveness - I found it works well on coarser hairs (I have a few coarser hairs that I usually pluck above my brows. However the finer hairs under the brow failed to come off with the wax, even though I followed the instructions exactly to spread the wax in the hair growth direction and pull it off the opposite direction. Tried this product a few times now and it still doesn't work on finer hairs.

Unfortunately that means it doesn't remove most of the stray eyebrow hairs. I still end up plucking 75% of what I want removed. And given the upper lip fuzz is even finer it didn't work for me there either. So sadly, this product is mostly a waste of money for me since it only works on 25% of the area I want it to.


Sephora Detail Lash Curler


Looks like a typical curler but with a flat and shorter clamp thingy. Comes in black or red accents



Basically, I didn't like it. The curler pinches my eyelid easily even though I was being careful with it. I think the design of the curler just isn't for my eyes.

Also I find it tends to crimp my lashes into a 90 degree angle rather than an actual curl. It looks ok from the front but when I look at them from the side I don't like how the lashes look L shaped :S

It also makes my lashes curl messily, the effect is even more apparent if i attempt to use it on the whole lash. It probably is just designed for corner lashes, but for the CDN $17, its not worth it. Definitely returning this to the store.

Note that this is the first mini curler I've tried so I can't exactly say it sucks completely. Maybe all mini curlers are like this...


jing said...

Too bad you ended up with disappointing products. Thanks for making a review to warn us. I"m so lazy I haven't even played with the shu detailed curler.

Unknown said...

I use a eyebrow shaper for the finer hairs, but I kind of have thick, bushier brows :P

I have the shu mini curler, and I can get the corners good with it but only on my right eye! I can't seem to get it w/ my left, it just crimps my lashes ugly :P Maybe it just takes practice

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

sorry the sephora mini lash curler sucked...sounds pretty expensive for what it's worth >_<

i think a lot mini curler dont curl natural like normal curlers tbh. haha how many number of "curler" did i mention there?!

mayaari said...

Christiana's post on mini curlers is pretty good to read - the Sephora brand looks similar in design to the La Cross curler (being flat vs. Shu's curved curler). I have the mini Shu, and it works well for really getting at the outer lashes that I can never really get with my regular Shisheido, but I don't think I'd use the mini curler for all my lashes.

IchigoBunnie said...

i saw on christinadivine's bloggie that she bought a LaCross mini curler that's the exact shape as your sephora one, and she did a comparison with the Shu Uemura mini lash curler, and from looking at her review, the reason why your mini lash curler and her Lacross one didn't work cuz that the metal is "straight" whereas the Shu has a curve to it, creating less pinching and even curling. Maybe give the Shu one a try. it made christiana's lashes look very nice :)

watercoloursky said...

i do want the shu one! but i don't have any shu counters near me (does anyone know where in Toronto??) i really should've gotten it when i was in the US...

jewels said...

thx for the veet review, I was wondering when you were gonna post it. too bad it didn't work out.
i'll stay with plucking peach fuzz and ingrowns.

Grayburn said...

Ouch! pincy curlers no good! I might get to head out to NY later on, will be taking some of your suggestions :)

hope all is well,

Anna said...

i have a lot of facial hair and no wax seems to work on my face because it's too harsh for my sensitive skin. When I was in VietNam, I got my face razored (every women gets it done) and I regret it! My pores on my face are more noticable =/

theChas said...

b00, sorry about you being so disappointed. I, myself, really hate veet, but maybe others have liked it? I just don't think it's very effective at all. I ALMOST got the shu mini curler over the weekend, but I held back, lol.

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