Saturday, June 7, 2008

MAC Pro stores have Cool Heat now [and Neon pigments]

i saw the Cool Heat collection today! I happened to be in the area of the MAC Pro Store on Queen West, and they had the collection out for sale!

As excited as I was, I decided to not get anything. The only outstanding colour from this collection was Solar White, to be honest. That had a almost duochromish look to it and would make a great highlight. But I wasn't about to spend CAD$16.50 + tax on a highlighting colour when I have so many cheaper ones already.

Didn't want to get Gulf Stream or Cool Heat, because I knew that type of strong teal / green colours are not my taste and I'd probably use it once then forget about it.

The other colour I was trying to decide on was Blue Flame. It was a really pretty dark blue...until I swatched some Bell Bottom Blue pigment to compare with it. BBB blows just about every blue eyeshadow out of the water in my opinion. Its just too gorgeous of a blue with silver sparkles, every other blue looks so blah beside it (in my opinion).

Check out the following swatches of the eyeshadows :) and also tell me what you think about BBB vs Blue Flame!



If you're wondering what happened to Warm Chill, I was too excited trying to decide on Blue Flame, so I forgot to swatch Warm Chill lol.

P.S. It might just be me, but in real life Climate Blue looks very similar to ELF's Periwinkle eyeshadow. CB is perhaps just a tad more indigo-ish than Periwinkle.


I also had to check out the new Neon pro pigments that Temptalia and Specktra have been posting about the past two days.

These are NOT eye-safe, so that was rather disappointing for me. Additionally one of those colours is also not lip-safe.

I didn't get pictures of the swatches mostly because the swatches sucked. To me the colour payoff was not that good, maybe because these are matte pigments. I keep seeing these really pigmented swatches on Specktra/Temptalia, but I found that when you try to blend the colours on your skin the colour is actually much sheerer than you'd expect.

All in all, I doubt these will be of interest to the average consumer like us. Since they aren't eye safe, I don't know where else you could use these pigments, other than maybe to make your own customized nail polish? Although I guess for the orangey-coral pigment, it would actually make a nice coral blush. When swatched it gives a bright but wearable matte coral flush.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i cant wait to check out these colours!

jing said...

Your swatches are clear enough though. I like Blue Flame also, good thing it's VP.

Lily said...

ooh gulf stream and cool heat *drool* i'm trying to stay away from this collection lol

na said...

Ahh I really want to see the new neon pigments, but since they're not eye safe (although I don't necessarily always follow warnings...), I don't really see anything I could do with them. I don't think mattes would turn out too well mixed with nailpolish, but I've never tried it, so who knows?

Cool Heat isn't really all that appealing to me. There's only so many shades of blue that I can handle!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

im gonna attempt to make a pass on all MAC coming summer collection in order to save some ££!!

pretty blue swatches tho!

theChas said...

Meh...they're pretty, but...I feel like I have so many colors that are too similar, so I think I'm going to skip out on this collection this time. =/ And yea, the pigments don't sound worth it at all if they aren't eye safe and lip safe? *shrug*

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