Monday, January 2, 2012

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick - Jezebel

One of the products I'd been excited to try from Marcelle is their Rouge Xpression lipsticks.


It comes in a matte dark blue tube, very simple and elegant. The case does feel a bit light compared with higher end lipsticks which have a more solid feel, but it looks nicer than any drugstore lipsticks I've seen.


Jezebel is a dusty rose in the tube and appears darker when swatched. It has a creamy texture and very opaque colour.


On my lips, it tends to lean toward the cooler side of rose pink. The coverage is amazing though, it goes on opaque in just one coat which does not happen often with lipsticks for me.


Here's a full face look just so you can see the colour in context.



Eye makeup is the T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes palette in 01.

The lipstick feels amazing on my lips. I have very dry lips in winter, and am constantly applying lip balm. Most lipsticks, including MAC, emphasize my dry lips in winter, but Jezebel goes on smoothly and doesn't require any lipbalm or special prep underneath. It also makes my lips look a bit plumper than usual, probably due to the fact that it de-emphasizes my lip lines due to its creamy formulation.

In terms of wear, because the lipstick is a cream formulation, the colour does not last as long since it trades off longevity for an extra moisturizing feel and intense colour. However it lasts just as long as other cream lipsticks such as the Joe Fresh lipsticks and longer than the Korres Guava lipsticks. It stays on through drinking and eating with care, just as long its its not oily or greasy foods.

Overall, I'd recommend this lipstick for anyone who wants intense, moisturizing, full coverage colour. For someone like me with naturally pigmented lips already, it can be hard to find lipsticks that show a similar colour to what's in the tube, however the Marcelle Jezebel lipstick fits the bill for me.

You can check out the other shades in the line via Marcelle's Youtube channel. They have a series of adorable clips featuring certain shades!


Jamilla Camel said...

Very feminine look!

Jasmim said...

It looks so good on you, such a nice shade for the season!

Penelope said...

The lipstick looks beautiful on you. Love the colour! Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

AskMeWhats said...

For something a bit matte and dark, it looks great on you!!! I've always thought those light colored lippies are best looking on you but these look wonderful too! Happy New Year!

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