Monday, April 30, 2012

Butter London Spring 2012: Bossy Boots, Slapper

I always thought Butter London was a strange name for nail polish. The image of yellow, fresh churned butter + a location seems miles away from colour for your nails.

But then I received two polishes from Nail Polish Canada that really turned the lightbulb on. Meet Bossy Boots and Slapper, from the 2012 Spring collection:


Bossy Boots is a pistachio green with a creme finish that seems to be everywhere this year. Another way to describe the colour is a matcha green.


Applying the colour is literally like butter. The formula seems to level out on its own even on one of my nails which had some ridges that couldn't be buffed away.




Slapper is one of those beautiful but hard to photograph accurately colours. In person, it is a bright green with teal tones, but in photos, whether I used my iphone or camera, the colour keeps showing up as being more blue-turquoise. Just keep in mind that it is a greener colour than what appears in the picture.



The closest I could get to capturing the green tone were the next two pictures:



Both colours were applied with two coats, and then topped with Seche Vite topcoat. Overall, I really liked the Butter London formulation! There are 3 other colours in the collection which you can see on Nail Polish Canada's page, and also do check out MacNunu's review of the collection!


Joey Anna said...

Bossy boots looks great! It's such a unique color, I've never seen anything like that.

my said...

oohhh.. Looks good for your your nails.. I actually like the blend of its color.. I will try that one..

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Arya De Guzman said...

love the color of the 2nd nail polish :)
Regards from The Certified Latebloomer

Heather Nixon said...

Gorgeous shades :)

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