Friday, March 7, 2008

my celebrity look-alikes

Yes I frickin look like Oprah Winfrey. Nice....... -.-

On the bright side, the website agreed with Bliss who in a previous comment mentioned a resemblance to Song Hye Kyo. I'd never heard of her but after googling pics of her I still don't think so? I think its just this particular picture that might look similar. But doing the Celebrity Morph was quite fun still.

^^ this was more fun than i thought after all hehe

Here's another one using a semi-bare faced picture from my Acuvue Define post.

Hmm.... Song Hye Kyo, Aya Matsuura, and Zhang Ziyi came up twice. Beyonce Knowles came up too this time but she was the lowest (10th) so she doesn't show up on the collage which only shows 8.

Anyway, I did one more picture just to see if I'd replicate the results of the previous two and this is what I got:

When I first came across people posting their look-alikes, I was skeptical about because I thought it would all depend on what type of picture they uploaded. Which it does, but its good that you do get some of the same celebrities over and over again.

In a way it makes some sense. My bf is a huge fan of Sammi Cheng, and also likes Mai Kuraki. I'm not saying I look anything like them, I still don't think so. But I have to admit it makes me feel better in my moments of insecurity, that there are one or two facial features in common.

Although...that is a shitty picture of Sammi Cheng. LOL, maybe i shouldn't be so quick to feel better after all. She has way nicer pictures than this, couldn't the website have gotten more flattering pictures?

So who are your look-alikes? :)


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

haha. these are always entertaining to do. :] my top two matches were always beyonce knowles and angelina jolie. which is HILARIOUS to me because i look NOTHING like them. LOL. :]

i think you do have a resemblance to song hye-kyo. :] not exactly, but you guys do resemble each other. :]

watercoloursky said...

I got Beyonce too with the second one lol. But i could see how Angelina Jolie would come up, because you have full lips and sultry eyes that are similar to hers.

Anonymous said...

LOL that morphing thing was hilarious. Who is Aya Matsuura and WHY does she have such a huge head?! I actually see a lot of resemblance to Kristin Kreuk in terms of facial structure. And Oprah of course, because you totally look like a 250 pound black woman.

ilurvemakeup said...

HAHA, the Oprah comment made me yell out Vajayjay xD

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

I think you do remind me of Mai Kuraki in the last pic! I saw your morph in Aya Matsuura, it was quite freaky!! you actually look abit like her! shall have to do my celeb heritage one again xD hehe. have a nice weekend!

Bliss said...

Yayyy im on the spot, you do look like her ,Song Hye Ko is one of my favorite korean actress, i find her flawless beauty quite spectacular hehhe :)

Bliss said...

i saw from christiana, you have a challenge FOTD up, can i follow hehehe, give me details :)

alien man?! said...

whoa, you kinda DO look like kristin kreuk @_@ never noticed until now...

i honestly believe kristin kreuk is the hottest girl i've EVER laid eyes on and i'd LOVE to look even remotely like her. lucky youuuu :D

and song hye gyo is sooo pretty xD she's one of my favorite korean actresses

watercoloursky said...

petitebelle: haha, yes the morphing part is quite fun :D i think aya matsuura's head looks like that cuz her hairstyle has a lot of volume? lol...

ilurvemakeup: YOU and your vajayjay obsession...haha :D

nicnic: haha yes i thought the aya one was a tad creepy...i'd be interested to see what your results are!

bliss: ah i should check out more of her work.
The challenge is the shiseido one...did you ever see my entry on it? I'll msg you the details on your blog :)

alienman: really??? i dunno...i think it might be the contacts in the first picture, and maybe the angle in the last one that causes the similarity?

alien man?! said...

well, the angle IS quite similar, but i don't think it's just that

if i did that angle, i'd look like a potato :D

potato =/= kreuk

and wtf... i just noticed oprah -_-

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hmmm, I rarely trust those celebrity look a like things, although I do know that a few of my friends have pointed out that I bare a striking resemblance to Yoyo Mung (I have no idea who she is!).

Fei said...

I've done this before... I'll do it again! lol

the Muse said...

I think it's a hit or miss with this thing. I got Aya as well and as cool as that is I don't think I have any facial features that are even a close match for her or any Asian girl for that matter as my eyes are so wide it's ridiculously and no where as unique and exotic as an Asian.

Oprah? That's ridiculous. If anything it's funny as hell. You definately DO NOT look like Oprah!

Talk about a total miss!

Although you got some pretty good ones like Song Hye-Kyo (I heart her she's so bloody cute)..I can see the resemblance a little bit and Zhang Ziyi for sure as you guys have the same smile!

I wonder if they are going just by facial structure or also by eye type and such! Oprah is still puzzling me.

I thought for sure I'd get Rosie O'Donnell lol!


(g)ezebel said...

*giggles at oprah winfrey comparison* :0)

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