Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Thank you to all the bloggers for your concern on my last post. I've calmed down now and am feeling better :)

I just saw the movie Wall-E, which was quite entertaining :) Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a fun movie to catch. Don't recommend The Happening though, I just saw it last weekend and it sucked. For some reason all the horror movies I catch in the cinema are always disappointing. Maybe the atmosphere with the other people dampens the scariness somewhat and makes it seem less believable.


I forgot to include the Everyday Minerals Lip Scrub in my last haul post, it was actually missing from my order, so I emailed them and they said they accidentally overlooked it.

Comes in a large, flat tin:




The jojoba beads are bit harder than i'd expect. They take awhile to absorb enough heat to melt on your skin, but don't exfoliate as much as I'd like. Also the large open container makes it quite impractical to use in a hurry. I think they should package the product in some kind of sifter container as well, since its so easy to spill some product accidentally.

I could imagine too the product melting if you leave it in a warm being in a metal tin and be careful if you carry this around.


Also I bought some Mario Badescu Silver Powder from Petitebelle last month, and she included some samples too :)



I haven't tried it yet (I'm so behind on testing out my new stuff!) but will review when I do.


A look from last month using MAC Lovely Lily pigment all over the lid, and a bit of MAC Naval Blue on the outer corners.

Also added MAC Electra eyeshadow on the inner corners to brighten up eye area, and finished off with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and some mascara.


I used the Foliage setting on my Canon Ixus 870 IS / Powershot 860, so the colours came out very saturated. I find that the Foliage setting captures the eyeshadow colours perfectly, but tends to overexaggerate the rest of the face especially the redness of the lips.




I don't really remember what else was used....probably:

Buff'd Foundation in Sand
Everyday Minerals Sunlight concealer
Silk Naturals's perfecting powder
MAC Emote blush
Not sure what other blush I used...
Some sheer lipstick...not sure which.


Replying a couple questions:

To Fiona: Shipping was $6.46 for this order, which wasn't very large - it all fit into a bubble envelope. But on Paypal you can kinda get an estimate - on the very second last step, right before you confirm payment you can see the shipping cost. And nope I didn't get customs charges. I've made orders up to $40 from EM and didn't get charged customs. Not sure if they let it go since the value wasn't very much, or if because it was of US origin.

Incandescent: It does work fine for me, despite the short handle. I know somepeople might not like that though. The head of the brush IS smaller than the Coastal Scents' one, but it is also more dense so that might be why they work almost just as well.


jing said...

It's great to know you're feeling better now. My offer still stands if ever you need.

My toothbrush is pretty good in exfoliating my lips.

Purple looks pretty on you. As always I love the softness of your eye makeup.

Hey, I'm not sure how tagging works.. but I made my previous post a game of tag. I'm curious what your favorite products are.

alien man?! said...

Totally forgot about doing a review on that lip scrub. Now I wish I had done one so you wouldn't have bought it :( I hated mine, actually. It was messy and didn't work as a scrub at all. It's just a messy lip wax.

I'm curious to see how everybody else likes the silver powder before I decide on it. Keep us updated, thanks!

and i LOVE the sweet lilac eyes. you look so dreamy

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the eyeshadow looks so pretty on you!

and yay on the silver powder :)

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Thanks for the tip about the Foliage setting. I think you told me about it before and you're right. It does capture makeup colour well, even if it does accentuate other stuff... Love the look. Lovely Lily is such a pretty pigment.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better :)

I didn't buy Lovely Lily from Naughty're making think I should! I love this simple look! And the blush is perfection!

IchigoBunnie said...

ooo i hope you're able to use that silver powder soon because it's awesommee :3

fuzkittie said...

That is a very pretty lilac toned e/s look! Love it~ Your lips are shaped so nicely.. ^^

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

that's ridiculous. i set up a ghost cart on EDM a day or two ago and the ONLY shipping method they offered me was priority which was $7.50. Why is the shipping more expensive to the US when they're in the US? beh. LOL. my order wasn't that big either. oh well.

i read your last post and i'm glad you're feeling better now. sorry to hear about all the frustration and stress though, that's never fun. :( beh.

i was going to watch wall-e this weekend but i didn't get a chance to. i think i'll have too eventually though. i love watching cartoon movies... LOL. :) seriously though, i do.

na said...

I like the color of the lipstick. :)

If you figure out how to use the Silver Powder, let me know. lol. I've been doing a little research into it, but no matter what I do, I can't really seem to get it to work!

cheryl said...

hi i'm glad u're feeling better even though i actually missed your post from friday.

watercoloursky said...

jiejie: thank you, I'm feeling a lot less alone hearing this :)

i already have a mental list of exes and loves after reading your post! will post them up :)

alienman & nicnic & fuzkittie: thank you *blush*

alienman: haha thats exactly what it is - a "messy lip wax". Maybe we should melt a bit of it down to make DIY tinted lip balms like the ones from lizz1901.

will review the silver powder. i'm so bad at actually using the stuff i get though lol...

psychoexgf: isn't it? I'm so glad I bought the full size :)

gee: you should :) see if your mac still has it? the canadian counters near me still have it...

ichigo: i wanna try it but at the same time i'm a bit scared that it might make my skin purge...

christiana: really?? but then I ordered mine in May - maybe the postal rates have gone up since. That would suck though.

wall-e is awesome! and so is kung fu panda, haha :D I saw that one today :)

emilee: thanks! i can't remember but i think that might be a cumulative result of the sheer lipstick, natural lip pigmentation, and the Canon foliage setting lol. I don't think i have any lipsticks in that exact shade.

it seems everyone uses it with nose strips, did you try that? I will let you know though!

cheryl: thank you :) chilling out a bit and with some junk food helps lol :P

theChas said...

Oh wow...a little late on the reply, but lip scrub? It sounds like something I'd seriously need since my lips are in a constant state of peeling. =/

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