Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick look at Gel de La Mer

I picked up a sample of Gel de la Mer a couple months ago to try as they were out of the Creme. Even the sample jars are quite nice, like minature versions of the full size.


The gel has a light ocean-ish fragrance similar to that of the Radiant Infusion. I'm guessing most of La Mer's stuff probably has the same fragrance. The La Mer Tint has a much stronger scent I find...which I'll post a review on separately.

The gel is light and refreshing, similar to other gel-type moisturizers. In terms of feel, it has a much lighter feel than Clinique's Moisture Surge Gel (which feels thicker). Gel de La Mer also sinks in faster than the Clinique one. When comparing the two, I noticed Clinique's would leave a slightly sticky residue behind, while La Mer leaves a smooth feeling behind.

Some visual comparisons - they look pretty similar in terms of texture. Added Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator in there because it was lying around...



Moisturizing properties - it doesn't moisturize my combination skin enough, which gets dry and flakey in winter. It would be perfect for summer I think, although I may still need some extra moisturizer on drier areas like my cheeks. Very similar to Clinique's Moisture Surge in this area (see my review if you missed it).

Other benefits - I couldn't tell if the gel actually improved my skin because the sample jar was too small. It'd probably take a month to tell if there was any benefits. Unfortunately that amount you see gone was used up in two weeks, maybe because I have drier skin.

Nice lightweight texture, great for normal to oily skins. However for what it costs, I'd say go for Clinique's Moisture Surge gel instead, they both ended up being for about the same, but Clinique is cheaper and fragrance-free. I still prefer Lancome's Aqua Fusion gel cream over those two as it moisturizes my combination-dry skin better.


mayaari said...

thanks for the review and comparison - something to consider once spring rolls around!

IchigoBunnie said...

since i have oily skin (but not severely oily), do you you think this Gel de la Mer is good for my skin? And if cost wasn't a factor, do you think La Mer does the job very well?

even though i probably can't buy it now (as i obviously do not have the money), im awfully curious and wanting to buy this to treat my skin nicely and wonder if it would do my skin "wonders" as it is claimed to be. if this product does deliver, i'd be fine to pay that money (unless i remain poor the rest of my life XD) to get the nice skin.

thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

i didnt know they had a gel version xD, i sort of gave up on them as the creme was too strong for my oily face

will check this out!!!

AskMeWhats said...

hey you are right, the texture of La mer is just like Clinique's thanks for the side by side comparison :)

Anonymous said...

Mama uses the lancome fusion gel. And she loves it. I actually never tried it, so now I'm intrigued that you like it so much~
Though I do want to try out the moisture surge because of your views and nikki's views on it.
But then again, I am pretty content at the moment with my loreal hydrafresh. Though I need something that moisturizes a bit more, seeing the crazy weather we have been having^^

fuzkittie said...

Yea I find the gel not hydrating enough for me too! But it feels sooo nice on! Hehe.

cheryl said...

gosh i think north american winters are so harsh on asian skin which generally loves moisture. my skin was constantly dry when i lived in seattle...

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